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    Cemetery Life Cremation Process

    Cremation Process Considerations

    The cremation process involves breaking down the deceased body using high levels of heat in a specially designed cremation chamber. The process of cremation normally takes two to three hours. The remains will weigh less than 10 pounds. All cremations in the U.S. occur individually. Any large pieces or bone are ground into a fine powder and combined with the ashes, which are placed in a container or urn.

    Cremation Options

    Cremation procedures vary based on the state, service provider, and selected funeral services. Cremation options include:

    Cremation Process in North America

    When considering cremation options, people sometimes worry about receiving the actual remains of their loved one. Modern cremation practices in North America include the use of a numbered metal disc that accompanies the body throughout the process of cremation for identification purposes. This is one of the safeguards that ensures the correct remains are released to family members by the crematorium.